Amber Phantom Butterfly

Amber Phantom Butterfly (APB) is a visionary cryptocurrency project fusing the world of memes with decentralized finance (DeFi). APB empowers users to mine tokens through meme creation, earn rewards by providing liquidity, and stake tokens for passive income. This innovative concept offers engagement incentives, decentralization, and diverse opportunities. With a total supply of 165 billion tokens, APB's distribution prioritizes meme creators, liquidity providers, and long-term supporters, ushering in a new era where creativity meets financial innovation. Join us in reshaping the future with APB.

What is Amber Phantom Butterfly?

Amber Phantom Butterfly is an innovative project that leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a platform where memes are not just an amusing form of expression but also a means to access decentralized financial services. The project envisions a seamless integration of meme culture with DeFi, empowering users to participate actively in both spheres.

Winning with Amber Phantom Butterfly:

Amber Phantom Butterfly presents several avenues through which participants can achieve success:

Meme Mining: Users can mine APB tokens by creating and sharing original memes on the platform. The more engaging and popular the memes, the greater the mining rewards.

Liquidity Provision: Participants can provide liquidity to APB liquidity pools and earn a portion of transaction fees and yield generated within the ecosystem.

Staking: APB holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards, enhancing network security and stability while enjoying a passive income stream.

Governance Participation: Token holders have the right to propose and vote on changes to the APB ecosystem, fostering a sense of community ownership and active involvement.

Tokenomics and Distribution:

Amber Phantom Butterfly plans a total supply of 165 billion APB tokens. The distribution will be as follows:

Meme Mining Rewards: 40%

Liquidity Provision: 20%

Staking Rewards: 15%

Development and Ecosystem: 15%

Marketing and Community: 5%

Advisors and Partnerships: 3%

Founders and Team: 2%



Quarter 1: Project Inception and Whitepaper Release

  • Establish the core team, including developers, designers, and community managers.
  • Finalize the project’s whitepaper, outlining its vision, objectives, and tokenomics.
  • Begin building the project’s website and social media presence.

Quarter 2: Token Development and Smart Contract Deployment

  • Develop the APB token based on a suitable blockchain platform ‘Ethereum’.
  • Create and rigorously test the smart contracts governing meme mining, staking, and liquidity provision.
  • Initiate the private token sale for early supporters and strategic partners.

Quarter 3: Platform Development Phase 1

  • Launch the public presale to involve the wider community in the project.
  • Start developing the core components of the APB platform, including meme mining mechanisms and staking functionality.
  • Engage in marketing campaigns to raise awareness about the project’s innovative concept.

Quarter 4: Platform Development Phase 2

  • Release the beta version of the APB platform for community testing and feedback.
  • Begin integration with external decentralized exchanges to ensure liquidity upon launch.
  • Establish partnerships with meme influencers and creators to drive initial content generation.

Year 2: Ecosystem Expansion and Engagement

Quarter 1: Platform Launch and Meme Mining Kickoff

  • Officially launch the APB platform, allowing users to start meme mining and staking activities.
  • Initiate liquidity provision rewards to incentivize users to provide liquidity to the ecosystem.
  • Launch a referral program to encourage community growth and engagement.

Quarter 2: Governance Implementation

  • Introduce the governance module, enabling token holders to propose and vote on platform changes.
  • Launch the first community-led initiatives, demonstrating the project’s commitment to decentralized decision-making.
  • ___

Quarter 3: NFT Integration and Partnerships

  • Integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the platform, allowing users to tokenize and trade unique meme-related assets.
  • Form strategic partnerships with DeFi projects, expanding the utility and interoperability of the APB token.
  • ____

Quarter 4: Enhanced User Experience and Mobile App Launch

  • Enhance the platform’s user interface and experience based on community feedback and usage data.
  • Launch a mobile app to enable users to mine, stake, and engage with APB from their smartphones.
  • ___