Quarter 1: Project Inception and Whitepaper Release

  • Establish the core team, including developers, designers, and community managers.
  • Finalize the project’s whitepaper, outlining its vision, objectives, and tokenomics.
  • Begin building the project’s website and social media presence.

Quarter 2: Token Development and Smart Contract Deployment

  • Develop the APB token based on a suitable blockchain platform ‘Ethereum’.
  • Create and rigorously test the smart contracts governing meme mining, staking, and liquidity provision.
  • Initiate the private token sale for early supporters and strategic partners.

Quarter 3: Platform Development Phase 1

  • Launch the public presale to involve the wider community in the project.
  • Start developing the core components of the APB platform, including meme mining mechanisms and staking functionality.
  • Engage in marketing campaigns to raise awareness about the project’s innovative concept.

Quarter 4: Platform Development Phase 2

  • Release the beta version of the APB platform for community testing and feedback.
  • Begin integration with external decentralized exchanges to ensure liquidity upon launch.
  • Establish partnerships with meme influencers and creators to drive initial content generation.

Year 2: Ecosystem Expansion and Engagement

Quarter 1: Platform Launch and Meme Mining Kickoff

  • Officially launch the APB platform, allowing users to start meme mining and staking activities.
  • Initiate liquidity provision rewards to incentivize users to provide liquidity to the ecosystem.
  • Launch a referral program to encourage community growth and engagement.

Quarter 2: Governance Implementation

  • Introduce the governance module, enabling token holders to propose and vote on platform changes.
  • Launch the first community-led initiatives, demonstrating the project’s commitment to decentralized decision-making.
  • ___

Quarter 3: NFT Integration and Partnerships

  • Integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the platform, allowing users to tokenize and trade unique meme-related assets.
  • Form strategic partnerships with DeFi projects, expanding the utility and interoperability of the APB token.
  • ____

Quarter 4: Enhanced User Experience and Mobile App Launch

  • Enhance the platform’s user interface and experience based on community feedback and usage data.
  • Launch a mobile app to enable users to mine, stake, and engage with APB from their smartphones.
  • ___